Annual Renewal Time

We sincerely hope you will renew your AUSA membership and your membership with our Delaware chapter. Because we don’t have an active duty army base in our state, our chapter’s focus is on our National Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their families, retirees in the state of Delaware, and our veterans. We also annually support “Our Community Salutes” (OCS) which acknowledges those young women and men who have volunteered to serve in our nation’s Armed Forces.

We appreciate your past support and we are always looking for people to help and new ideas for our chapter events. AUSA is the only organization focused on all Soldiers and their families regardless of their status or rank. We hope you will join us in supporting Delaware’s Soldiers, their families, our retirees, and our veterans. Check out all the member benefits available to you.


Author: Kat Lehman

Communicator, designer, artist, photographer, friend.

2 thoughts on “Annual Renewal Time”

  1. I received notice from AUSA (National) in early September 2018 that my membership had lapsed. I immediately sent a check #1563 in the amount of $40 to them. I also made a copy of my membership card that my expiration date was not until 2019. I asked to have have my status (dates) cleared up. I have heard nothing from them. Is it possible to have a membership card with correct dates ?

    Edward M Willis, CW4 (ret)

    1. Hi, CW4 (ret) Willis,
      Thanks for letting us know. I believe COL(ret) Dawson, our chapter president, already reached out to you via email. Let us know if you need anything else.

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